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Nova Arbora Botanical Garden

Nova Arbora Botanical Garden

The “NOVA ARBORA” Botanical Garden, around the Bed and Breakfast, is a private garden near the town of Sasso Marconi,between Pianoro and Monzuno , 400 meters above sea level, on the road to Badolo. It is about 18 km from Bologna and about 10 km from Sasso Marconi and Pianoro.

The Botanical Garden was born in 1987 onwards when the current owners bought the property and embraced their lifelong passion for plants. Through this enthusiasm and love, not to mention a lot of effort and dedication, the owners have overcome many and varied problems to create a beautiful garden in accordance with the surrounding natural environment and organic principles.
The Botanical garden contains a number of re- naturalized native plants, including some that are part of the conservation at risk “red list”, and others which are extinct in other places in Italy.
The Botanical garden is divided by the specific habitat of certain plants. The unique microclimatic conditions which occur over this relatively small 25 acre holding, have allowed the creation of distinct areas which are listed below:
– The rock garden;
– The amphibious garden;
– The Pond;
– The Fern garden;
– The aromatic and medicinal plants section;
– Mediterranean plants ;
– Alpine plants;
– The Garden of Delights; a unique patch dedicated to unusual vegetable and other edible plants;
– The garden of “poisons”, dedicated to poisonous plants and their ethnographies
Open visits for non residents are available from March to October, with the exception of August.
The best time to enjoy the colour and magnificence of our flowering species is in the period April 15 to July 10.
We are happy to host visits to the garden and these can be organized by prior arrangement by calling us on 051 847 581.

A guided tour can provide you with the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on:

On protected flora in the region;

Aromatic and medicinal plants;
The typical flora of the Pliocene.

During the school year, from March to June, we run educational projects with local schools. During these times we offer thematic itineraries on the flora present in the garden during the particular period, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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