Nova Arbora              

Bed and Breakfast & Itinerari Botanici    

   Feb 26

Why choose us

Novarbora is a wonderful, welcoming place to rediscover the tranquility of nature, forgotten flavours and lost crafts.

A roaring fireplace will welcome all visitors into our home during the cold winter months.
We offer a stay in a warm family environment, were all guessed are welcomed in to explore our home and garden. We give the same welcome for friends and guests alike and, to the weary traveler, we offer a free shuttle if he get lost near by!
We are located within the “Contrafforte Pliocenico” natural reserve, an oasis of peace and tranquility where, for over 20 years we have lived our lives, respecting nature, and cultivating our garden.

Nova Arbora is at the end of the first stretch of the Via Degli Dei which link Bologna to Florence in few days of trekking between different hills with beautifull sight and nature walks.

The botanical garden which surrounds the house offers outdoor areas to rest and relax, a sun deck and swimming pool; plus a number of routes through the gardens and woods for you to explore.

We also offer guided tour opportunities where we explain culinary uses of plants, techniques for cultivation, and the historical and present day uses of the plants around us.
We are able to cater demands to each guest and can arrange check-in and check-out times to suit you.
There is also the opportunity to demonstrate your Italian culinary skills with a spacious kitchen with all accessories provided.

Alternatively, lovers of the grill can challenge themselves in the outdoor area equipped with a barbecue, benches and tables for you and friends to enjoy.

The finest Italian produce eaten under the shade of cedars during the summer heat is a recipe for a great stay with us.

For all those who enjoy the culinary specialties of Emilia Romagna, but not the cooking, the famous Antica Osteria Badolo is located just 1km away.

We offer shuttle service to bring you to the restaurant!
Children will be amazed when they see and touch our chickens, sheep and donkey.

Even the pond is alive with life, frogs, toads, newts and dragonflies abound.

From April to June, the breeding of silkworms, and the chance to witness the glorious transformation of caterpillar to butterfly are spectacles not to be missed.
Our easy trails through the wood, the silence, and the all round feeling of serenity can allow guests to relax and unwind in days. We want guests to be able to find themselves and appreciate a connection with nature here.

We have housed many yoga, meditation and alternative medicine groups here and continue to welcome all.
Alternatively, if you want to surprise a loved one and give a holiday stay for friends and family, we can offer you a bespoke package to suit your needs. A wedding anniversary, birthday, or anniversary; whatever the occasion, we can adapt to help you plan every detail to create the perfect trip.

Nova Arbora might even be the “prize” of a well-organized “treasure hunt.”

The reasons for choosing the B&B Nova Arbora are plenty and breakfast is no exception!
All of our guests went away happy, writing the reviews to prove it!
We hope you can join us soon.

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