Nova Arbora              

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   Feb 26

The Garden of Delights

The Garden of Delights – Orto delle Delizie

The garden was originally planted purely for the families needs. But with the refinement of cultivation techniques and the introduction of unusual, little known species, thanks to the seed savers, the “Garden of Delights” has become an integral part of Novarbora.

Spread in an oval split between 12 terraces with linking paths, the Garden of Edible Delights contains the following; salad vegetables and leaves, tubers, fruits, seeds for bread, aromatic essences and liqueurs.

The perimeter also provides a point of interest where flowers providing natural insecticides are collected in addition to a lavender border for the benefit of our bees.

The path to the vegetable garden is preceded by a collection of fragrant essences and a bed that is home to the dyeing plants (From which dyes can be extracted which were used in the past for natural fabrics.)

The structure of the garden of delights, aimed at teaching, allows us to show how to recognize individual species, as well as teaching people about their culinary uses and importance to biodiversity in the area.