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   Feb 17

Nova Arbora Autoproduction

Autoproduzione (Our Products)


The herbs and flowers from the garden are used by Donatella to create a number of products, all made in house, and with respect to the local ecology.

You can pick up the products directly from Nova Arbora.

“SALE ALLEGRO” – Herbal salt made Chopped aromatic base of salt , rosemary, sage , bay, thyme , savory, marjoram , juniper berries, garlic.
POT 50g.

3 € a jar or 2 for 5 €

HONEY – Acacia honey,Wildflower honey and Chestnut honey.
JAR 500gr

5 €

“PISTADEN DE LA MI NONA” – Chopped celery, carrots, onion, salt and herbs.
Ideal as a base for a sauce or as a substitute for stock-bouillon cubes.
POT 50g € 2.50

“Drunken Salt” – a flavoured salt made by boiling it in red wine, elderberry syrup, oregano, marjoram and marigold petals .
Bottles from 35gr.


LAVENDER Cookies – made ​​of flour , butter, sugar , eggs, baking powder , lavender flowers.

BAG 500g

€ 6

” The Candy “- sugar candies, pomegranate juice, lemon and orange, Ideal for young and old.

Assorted Sizes

50g : € 2.50
“Kryptonite Chicche” – green candies made ​​of sugar and mint infusion, with natural dyes .

JAR 150g .

€ 2.50

COAL SWEET LICORICE – sugar , egg white , licorice.
BAG 150g

€ 3

Candied orange peel – Digestive and delicious! Made with untreated sugar.

BAG 250gr

5 €

” SWEET TEA ” – Delicious teas made from citrus fruit , star anise, cinnamon , pear, apple , mint, raisins , berries .

JAR 50 gr.

3 €

” VINEGAR OF THIEVES 4 ” – An traditional vinegar based antiseptic taken from a very old recipe.
Soothing antiseptic for external use, Ideal for insect bites and tradtionally used to prevent the contraction of flue.


Vinegar based, absinthe essence, rosemary, sage, rue, lavender , mint etc.
Bottle 50ml. Cost: 5 €

We also offer Plants and seeds of the garden for sale:

Mandragora officinarum
Rosa gallica splendens
pink pimpinellifolia
Helianthus rigidus
Euphorbia characias

The plants are available in pots or on their own from November to April. Cost is variable depending on the container and the type of species chosen (for info and reservations please contact Donatella) via phone or email ( .